Musang Am

Musang Am (“Temple of Non-Form”) is a small Buddhist temple located on the hills of Monti San Lorenzo close to the city of La Spezia in Italy. The abbot of the temple is Taehye sunim who is the spiritual guide of the Bodhidharma Association and its Dharma Teacher Course. The practice in Musang Am consists of mindful work, meditation and study. The temple can house a few practitioners at a time. The visitors must practice the five wise precepts and abide by a vegetarian diet. The living conditions in the temple are modest. The visitors can contribute to the maintenance of the temple by free donations.

Contact information for the temple:
Abbot Taehye sunim,
Musang Am
Monti San Lorenzo, 26
19032 Lerici (SP), Italy

The Association has organized group trips to the Musang Am temple in the summer season. If you are interested in participating in such a trip next summer, please sign up by sending a message to the email address

The Musang Am temple, which operates based on the Buddhist dana principle, in other words, based on free donations, requires constant maintenance. If you so wish, you can contribute to the maintenance of the temple. In that case, please contact

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